Made for Nothing More, Nothing Less than His Amazing Grace

Recently i got the chance to visit with a guy who fronts an up and coming band from San Antonio called “Nothing More” and he talked about the fact that as much as he is enjoying what he’s doing, he didn’t want to be in this same place when he was thirty (doing local shows making small amounts of money). He said he’d love to do this for a living, but he also wants to be a family man eventually. He said, ‘that’s what I was made for.’

I think, like so many people, I wonder what my ‘purpose’ is. This guy had it figured out at 27. I was envious. But what I’m seeing in my life, especially as I am learning more about how to be like Jesus, is that I was made for something more. I admit that I am ‘homesick,’ longing for a place I’ve never seen, realizing that, as Caedmon’s Call once put it, “this world has nothing for me and this world has everything.”

I struggle (especially as of late) with materialism, with needing to have the latest and greatest. It’s what drives the world I live in and it frustrates me so much. But recently I’ve found comfort in the one place I should go to first, but usually make it my last resort: God’s Word. It says in Psalm 73:28 “But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord GOD my refuge, That I may tell of all Your works.” I’ve been sitting on that verse the past couple of weeks. The whole chapter encapsulates my thoughts as of late, but that verse says two things: There is nothing more satisfying than the nearness of God, and there is nothing less that I desire to do with my life as a result than to tell of how amazing He is. Nothing more. Nothing Less.

I am so overwhelmed with the constant amount of Grace He gives me. In spite of my disobedience, my laziness and the hundreds of other things that make up the jacked up life I call my own, God chooses to continue to use me, for His sake and, in the process, brings me satisfaction, peace and so many other things I don’t deserve. I guess that’s the essence of what Grace is. Amazing.

As Jon Shirley so eloquently put it, “You search the whole Earth just to tell me what I’m worth, to tell me what I’m worth to You. You say that I am a diamond in Your hand, a diamond in Your hand for You. Lord I am blown away, you would even speak my name, to tell me I’m the treasure of Your Heart. After all the things I’ve done to You, coming close and then pulling away from You, You’ve proved just what a faithful God You are. So thank You Jesus, for Your faithfulness. Thank You Jesus for Your Love.”

Thank You Jesus, for your faithfulness. Thank You Jesus for Your love……..Amazing Grace

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