Stories are everywhere.

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen something so simple do so much.

Stories entertain.
Stories persuade.
Stories teach.
Stories help us think differently.

And they come in so many different forms: photography, design, movies, books, comics, television, poetry, and the news. So many creative mediums all trying to do one thing: Tell a story.

I’m Patch. And I’m a storyteller. At least I’m trying to be.

Here you can find the things that help me tell all kinds of stories, and through those things, perhaps you can get a picture of my story. I’m a recreational photographer, and sporadic blogger. I love design, and the art of typography in particular. I’m also a co-host of a movie review podcast called Feelin’ Film.

When I’m not neck deep in those various outlets of creativity, I’m also a full time husband and father.


Krecia (pronounced like Trisha, but with a K) and I have been married since 2008. Our story is one that I believe is worth telling, so that may make it to the website at some point. The munchkin in front of us is our son Carson, who has made life a whole new level of fun for us since he came to us in 2014.

Maybe you’re a blogger and want to see what a fellow web-writer has to say. Maybe you are a photography buff and want to connect with someone else who shares that passion. Maybe you love talking about movies and you want to hear the positive spin on what makes them great, as opposed to the critical chatter that seems to be so prevalent in today’s movie experience. Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’ve decided to stop by.

If you want to connect with me, you can do so via email, Facebook, and Twitter or any of the social media