The Feelin’ Film Podcast

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My best friend Aaron White and I love movies. More specifically, we love talking about movies. We spend our days Voxing back and forth about the upcoming film season, what we are looking forward to, and even dive into some of the more technical stuff like cinematography, the actors, story beats, etc.

When Batman v Superman came to theaters, the polarizing criticism that it faced got us thinking about film criticism in general and how we felt like as a whole, our culture has gotten away from what the purpose of movies is: to make us feel something.

About a year prior, Aaron told me about a bucket list item of his: to start his own podcast. Well, almost a year to the week later, we decided to launch Feelin’ Film, a show that focuses more on the emotional response that the viewer gets rather than the technical stuff that is generally the point of most of a film’s criticism. Our aim is to bring back the positive attitude of why people SHOULD go to movies, to make their own opinions about their personal experience with the film.

You can check out or latest episodes in the RSS feed, hit up our website, Facebook group, or Twitter. And if you want to leave us a review on iTunes, that would be great as well.

As we say on the show, stay positive and keep Feelin’ Film.