Rituals, Ramblings and Road Trips

Today is “hump” day. What a dumb name for Wednesday. I wonder who came up with that, if they thought they were cool when they thought of it and if they regret calling it that now that I have said what I did (doubtful). Why not use fun literary terms like “climax,” that way the rest of the days can get involved in the nickname game (Tuesday being rising action, Monday being exposition, etc).

I am distracted with life at the moment. The things I took from my ‘retreat’ to Michigan have been stirring in my mind and heart since I’ve gotten back, and I want to explore them more. Right now I think I’d just like to take a walk, read a book, anything to keep away from the dailies of Heritage life. I have a copy of 1984 (the book, not the year) in front of me, tempted to open it and sneak a read of a page or two in between PDF conversions and paginations of sorts.

I’ve decided that I really like strawberry Jell-o. I think i got a bad taste for it when I associated it with Chinese Buffets, but outside of that environment, my romance for it has budded once again.

Tonight will be my second trip to a softball game this week (not a lot compared to those that go every night like parents and really dedicated girlfriends) and I’m looking forward to it, not just for the enjoyment of supporting my friends/family, but to embrace the ritualistic acts of yelling various ballgame-esque remarks at the players as they make great catches, defensive plays and killer hits. I’m also looking forward to the obligatory Nachos, Coke and Sunflower Seeds that will fill my stomach in the hour or so that I will be there.

I love this time of year, and I think more than anything I love specific things that take place during certain times of the year. This weekend, I played catch with a friend of mine probably a good three or four times. I enjoy that anyway, but doing that during the time of year when its somewhat appropriate just heightens the enjoyment for me. The same applies to the fall when I toss around the football. So good.

My small vending machine business via my refrigerator and desk continues to go well (see previous posts for full explanation). One lady gets the same stuff out of it every day: Jello at 10am, yogurt at noon, and popcorn in the afternoon. Thank goodness for ritualistic folks :).

As of yesterday morning, I have planned three weekend road trips for the summer. I’m calling it “Park It!!! 2007” and in those three road trips I plan on visiting a Ballpark (Cardinals and Braves at Busch Stadium in St. Louis), a Theme Park (Six Flags over Texas in Arlington) and a Water Park (Nashville Shores in Nashville). Good times indeed.

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