Nothing More, baseball and a need to be recognized

Last night I challenged my circadian rhythms and went down to Sticky Fingers (a restaurant slash hotspot for up and coming bands) at around 11pm to hear a band from San Antonio called “Nothing More.” Their sound was one that I could appreciate (sort of a cross between Coldplay vocally and maybe some Creed-like guitar). But what really impressed me was the performance these guys put on. They not only had high energy, but made the whole set fun to watch, dropping into medleys of “Rapper’s Delight” and “Baby Got Back,” covering the popular Seal song “Kiss From a Rose” and even putting on a miniature STOMP routine, banging drums and cowbells, even going so far as to ‘play’ pots and pans strapped to one of their members. Needless to say, the sleep I lost was well worth the entertainment I gained for the 2 hours I was there. Check em out when you get the chance.

April 1 marked, not only one of the most feared ‘days’ in history (April Fools) but also one of the days I look forward to each Spring: Opening Day. Major League Baseball is upon us my friends and, though i know its not as popular as other sports, it brings with it a desire for Sunflower seeds, playing catch and road trips to ballgames (Atlanta @ St. Louis in August….GO BRAVES!!!!)

Reasons I love my job:
#37 – I can get $1000 worth of memory upgrades without hesitation approved from my boss (Her exact words: Money is no object if this is something you really need.) Awesome.
#38 – Each morning 5 of us (including my boss) have a free throw shootout with the nerf basketball goal set up in my area
#39 – The small refrigerator I own (called the Naughty Fridge) sits close by and houses soft drinks, Snack Paks and other various daytime hunger relief items that I sell for a small profit to combat the overpriced vending machines down the hallway (hows that for sticking it to “the man?”)

Being a guy who struggles with a need to be recognized, I was encouraged to see that there are others out there who seem to need it more than I do. YouTube featured something I hadn’t ever heard of and thought was a joke before i did some research on it. (YouTube in itself, while hilarious to watch and great for cheap advertising, seems to epitmize the need for folks to make themselves known). There is a competition in the called The Air Guitar World Championships. Thats right. Those of us who rocked it out as young kids in front of our bedroom mirrors when we were 12 can now take that talent and make money, become famous and even travel to Finland to take on the rest of the 13 years olds that never wanted to grow up. Too funny.

Here’s last years winner

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