Writing Prompt: Building a Blogging Habit

Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.

I write because I think about things and I want to write them down. I write because putting something on paper is more significant that speaking it. I write because I want to say things that may or may not be new (mostly not) but speak to myself and people in different ways. I want a voice that matters and that makes someone think about something differently. Words make up sentences, sentences paragraphs, paragraphs chapters and so on. What do I write about? What do I say that matters? I have no idea. Maybe I’m taking myself way too seriously. Maybe I should just write whatever comes to mind and let it all go otherwise. This isn’t significant and doesn’t have to be. It’s a world of competitive words that makes me intimidated to even start. I have to start. Have to. Maybe It means just putting it out there, getting torn to shreds for the sake of knowing where I stand and where I don’t. I may never be the next great author or blogger. I may just write my thoughts and the six people that favorite my stuff on twitter and the blog are all of the feedback I ever get. But maybe this is the start of something fresh and new.

Writing can seem so intimidating but at the same time so incredible. So much good can come from words on paper, translated into books and screenplays, poetry and prose. I don’t know what kind of world I would unlock if I don’t just try. I want this to matter though, to know that I have something important to say, even if it gets someone thinking about something differently. Maybe I won’t be agreed with, maybe that’s a good thing. It IS a good thing.

Being a good storyteller appeals to me. Being a good teacher appeals to me. I am aware that I have a long way to go, but I just need to get started. My world is filled with stories told through movies, books, comics and music. I’m connected to it and feel like there’s something more to me when I embrace those forms of stories. What is it about that stuff that makes me fill up with excitement to talk about. Soundtracks, scripts, story beats, exposition, plot. It’s all so incredible to talk to someone about, to share what I think and hear what other people think, to agree and disagree why The Dark Knight is one of the better movies in the last 10 years and why Heath Ledger brings to light what it means to truly be evil in his depiction of the Joker. Taking the surreal and making it real. Wow. You go Chris Nolan.

What do I want? I have no idea. Maybe I want to write. Maybe I want to direct or criticize. I just love the world that storytelling lives in and the different mediums that it embraces. Such a great thing.

Yet I can’t bring myself to write about anything. “Write what you know” I hear people say. This is so true, and yet I don’t feel like I know anything. HELP ME KNOW SOMETHING!

I wake up from these thoughts thinking maybe today, maybe today is the day that I start? Today I will do this. I will put it all out there and be criticized and get better. No, maybe not because there’s nothing to put out there. Not yet at least. Why do I struggle with this? What makes my life so frustrating that I can’t think of anything to write about? Why is there a block? I don’t want to be a consumer of stories. I want to tell them. I want to make people laugh and think and get pissed. I want a response to my writing but I don’t even  know where to begin.

Hands are getting tired now.

Maybe, maybe maybe is what holds me back. Maybe puts me in my place, creates the doubt that I won’t reach whatever that is that I’m seeking with my creativity. DON’T BE AFRAID, JUST EMBRACE IT.

Will I post this to my blog? Maybe

8 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Building a Blogging Habit

  1. AaronElWhite says:

    Reblogged this on A Little Piece of Me and commented:
    This captures my feelings about writing almost perfectly. In my case, I am inspired to write reviews and commentary on story in the same way. I’m primarily interested in critique and conversation over creation, though. This is just fantastically said.

  2. Russell J. Fellows says:

    You do have a voice, and what you write does matter. Whether or not the world loves it is neither here nor there…it would be nice, of course, but don’t let it ever stifle your voice. Write. Write with all your heart. Write whatever thoughts flow through your head and then worry about editing later. Good on you for giving it a go.

  3. jane e says:

    I love the passion in your writing, and how open you are to anything and everything. The world is waiting to find itself on your pages.

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