Leaf Peeping and "No Shave" November

Ahhh, November. Welcome welcome. The colder and shorter days are upon us. My bride will tell you this isn’t fun for her. She doesn’t dig the sun going down before the news comes on. This guy, however, totally digs it. Something about the night time, the quiet. I can’t help but admit that I’m smitten with this time of year. Last night I went for a run and came back telling her “It smells SO GOOD outside.” Between the Fall air, the cooking of food from outside grills (the best time of year to grill IMO), it made my run that much more enjoyable.

This past Sunday, we were venturing home from church and noticed the trees and all their changing colors. It got the photographer in me excited and K suggested that we come back around in the late afternoon to catch some of the late day lighting on the trees. I liked this idea, so around 3 that afternoon, I grabbed my Nikon and my Canon PAS and we drove out to this little area to the west of my office building. Though the lighting wasn’t quite what we hoped for, we both got some pretty great shots. I’m hoping to get to shoot some more this fall. You can check out the rest, fully tweaked on my Flickr page.

This month also marks the start of “No-Shave” November, a period of 30 days where, for a noble cause, a chance to grow a beard, or an opportunity to frustrate your spouse, you go without shaving. This is my first time doing it, though I have gone without shaving for a period of time in the past. This was mainly due to laziness. Look for a “Before,” “During,” and “After” photo near the end of this month or the first part of next.

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