The Pumpkin Patch

K and I took CJ on his first trip to a pumpkin patch (which, coincidentally was OUR first trip to a pumpkin patch together). Of the handful that we had to choose from, we chose Motley’s due to the fact that it was fairly close to the house and it had everything a couple with a 9 month old could want. Pig Races :).

There were also pictures to be taken, animals to attempt to pet, hay to sit on and fuss about.

It also gave me a chance to (finally) try out my new DSLR I purchased back in the spring. I have a lot of education to obtain on how to use the thing properly, but it was a great first time out (and I think I got some keepers). You can find my final work here.

We didn’t get any actual pumpkins there this year. We want Carson to be a bit older and to be able to pick out his own so that’s on next years agenda.

It was a good time for sure. I’ve only been to a handful of pumpkin patchs in my lifetime (and none when I was a kid if you can believe that). Being there with my family, as a dad, was a really great experience. And as you can tell, we seemed to have a pretty good time.

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