Queen Mother, Hunger Pains and Health Issues

Last night I went to celebrate my friend’s 31st….i mean 29th birthday with a get together at a friends house. Seeing as how it was a BYOM (Bring your own meat) kind of shindig, I thought it fitting to provide myself with a nice juicy steak. I was the only one who thought this would be fitting and there was a period of awkwardness as i slashed in to this juicy medium cooked delight, feeling as though I was being nutritionally condemned for not partaking in the other ‘standards’ for BYOMs, those being chicken, fish, or porkchops; i.e. things that don’t require a big honkin steak knife and vampire teeth to enjoy. Despite my paranoia, i did enjoy most of it and passed off what i couldn’t finish to my buddy Kyle who, without any hesitation, proceeded to devour the rest using no utensils whatsoever. You’re a better man than me bro.

No party is complete without the obligatory interactive boardgame, and this night was no different. We partook in a little game known as ‘imagineIff’ where a card is read in reference to one of the participants and every other person has to see if they can guess which choice that person would pick. I’ll use myself as an example. If Patch were a member of the Royal family, who would he be…..1)Princess Diana, 2)Ferge, 3)Queen Mother….you get the idea…of the six possible answers to this particular question, I was chosen to be Queen Mother. I have no idea why but it made for a good laugh and that is, of course, the main reason for playing such silly games, aside from the more obvious: actually winning the game.

Facts about me RIGHT NOW:
1. I recently tasted “Phillapino Corn Chips,” which have the crunch of Fritos but the exact taste of actual corn. Weirdness in my mouth to say the least.

2. I have been craving twinkies for about a week now and found out today that there is a Hostess ‘outlet’ store. It will be mine soon. Oh yes. It will be mine.

3. I think i am coming down with something along the veins of a cold. The stuffy nose and sore throat are there, and fatigue is fast approaching. CRAP!!

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